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Announcements and news concerning these clubs are posted here as well as club's schedule, fee, address, and other details. Please feel free to me questions about the clubs.

Legacy of Natick Badminton Club

Natick Badminton club was established by former members of Weston Badminton Club in 2000 after the closure of the latter. I was one of those and have been a member of Natick Badminton Club for its lifetime.

Local Badminton:       Boston Area Badminton Clubs       Northeast Badminton      

Tournaments:       Boston Open and Bay State Games are two regularly played local tournaments.
See Boston Open 2003 - 2005 - 2008 Finals Photos

General Info:       Badminton Central       USA Badminton       World Badminton       USbadminton.net

Equipment Shops:       Supreme Sports Supply       ASBY       NRC Sports (local)       Racquet Online
(I listed here only the shops I have dealt with and can recommend.)

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