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Natick Badminton Club has become history, at least for now. Hopefully, another place will be found to host the club, and this situation will reverse. This club has a long history. Originally, it was Weston Badminton Club hosted by Field School. A few years ago, the club moved to Natick.


2003-2004 Season

September 15, 2003

Dear Natick Badminton Club Members:

Hopefully everbody enjoyed their summer. Well, we\u2019re about to kick off the 2003 - 2004 badminton season at the Natick Armory. Play will commence on Wednesday, October 1, 2003 from 7:30 to 10:00 PM at the Natick Armory in Natick, Massachusetts. Tenatively, we will only go through December 17, 2003. The last two Wednesdays in December will not be available, since December 24 is the day before Christmas and December 31 is New Year\u2019s Eve. The Natick Armory is also scheduled to close forever on January 1, 2004. In the meantime, we will continue looking for another place to finish out our season. Any leads will be welcomed.

The nightly fee will increase to $8.50 (up $0.50 from last season). Again, we're looking to improve membership and attendance over last season. The sudden increase in secruity fees (an additional $14 per night) early last season put a slight strain on the club. Financially, the Club only lost a little over $75 from our cash reserves. The balance at the end of the 2002 - 2003 season was $874.06. Luckily, we switched to using plastic birds in lieu of feathers which saved the Club significantly.

In an effort to keep our expenses down, the Club will continue to supply plastic birds this season. Members may play with their own feather birds at their own expense like last season.

Details for the new season are summarized below:

Location: Natick Armory (93 East Central St., Natick, MA., Route 135)

Day of Week: Wednesday

Start Date: October 1,2003

End Date: December 17,2003

Time: 7:30 to 10:00 PM

Format: Doubles (Men's, Women's Mixed). Generally Singles are Prohibited

Partner Selection: By Cascading Clothes Pin System

Thanks to everybody for pitching in last season (i.e. putting up and taking down the nets, establishing an e-mailing system, etc.). Your assistance will be welcomed this season too.

Officers for this season will remain as follows:

President & Clerk & Treasurer: Bill Hotz

Bill Hotz

Dear Member:
On October 22, 2003, I was notified by John Cregg, who runs the Natick Armory rentals, that the hourly rental fee for the armory will be increased $5 per hour or $12.50 per night starting November 1, 2003.
Thus, starting this Wednesday, November 5, 2003, the nightly club fee will increase from $8.50 to $9.00 per night for the rest of the season.
For the first five weeks of the season, attendance has averaged 15 people per night. This is good but it could be better. We need to boost attendance. So come by and play if you have not already joined us.
Bill Hotz
Dear Natick Badminton Club Member:
This is just a reminder that our last official game for the season is this Wednesday night, December 17, 2003. Hope to see you there.
Attendance has been 13 and 12 people for the last two weeks.
There is hope that we may continue thru the month of April, 2004. The Town of Natick may step in to administer the Armory, but we have not officailly heard one way or the other.
I'll keep you posted on further developments.
If we do get the opportunity to continue to play in 2004, we need to consistantly have more than 15 people per night to pay the bills. If not I will be forced to stop before April.
See you soon.
Bill Hotz
Dear Natick Badminton Club Member:
As of today, the Natick Armory is permanantly closed. The Town of Natick chose not to administer the rental program due to potential financial/liability issues. So we're done.
In the meantime, I've written my State Representative to ask that the state administer the program. We'll see where that goes.
I'm also looking into other facilities/options. I'll keep you posted.
Bill Hotz

If you have a suggestion about a new place for 2004, please email me, and I will forward your message to Bill.

Location: Natick Armory

Schedule: Wednesdays 7:30-10:00

Fee: $9 per night

Player level: Intermediate - Advanced

Address: 93 East Central St., Natick, MA 01760 Map