New Hamphire Nature Wonders

New Hamphire is a very picturesque state. Just driving through it in a good weather is a pleasure in almost every season. New Hamphire is the home of White Mountains. The highest point of White Mountains is Mount Washinton - 6,288 feet. It is the highest point of the US Northeast and is notoriously known for its worst weather in the world. Click here to see pictures taken on a Cog Railway trip to Mount Washington. New Hampshire's nick name is Granite state, and indeed, granite boulders can be found everywhere. See below pictures of those taken at Lost River Gorge. Montains and granite grounds make an excellent combination for cascades. See below pictures of New Hampshire cascades taken at Flume Gorge, Crawford Notch, and The Basin.

Mount Washington
More Mount Washinton photos

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  Flume Gorge


  Silver Cascade
at Crawford Notch


  Saco Lake


  Lost River Gorge


  The Basin


More Mount Washinton photos    


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