Art Nouveau Architecture in St. Petersburg Suburbs

St. Petersburg's collection of art nouveau architecture is quite impressive and well known to many. St. Petersburg's suburban art nouveau architecture is much less known but still impressive. In particular, I was not able to locate any information concerning St Petersburg suburban art nouveau architecture or relevant photos on the web. Thus, this pages somewhat covers the gap. Images of residential single-family buildings are compiled here. These buildings called in Russian 'dacha' are intended for seasonal use.

As for background, here is a couple of links to information on St Petersburg art nouveau architecture:
St. Petersburg: Art Nouveau Architecture (in Russian)
Шедевры петербургского модерна
Art Nouveau architecture in Saint Petersburg
St Petersburg in the context of Art Nouveau
Петербург эпохи модерн

These images were digitized recently from slides made in the 80s. As a result of this procedure, color reproduction is not quite good. Click on the photos to see them full size. The locations of the buildings are listed above the photos. After twenty years, I could not recall where exactly I took these photos. Attribution of the photos is done by Slava Simkina who is perhaps the best authority in the field. See her article on this subject: ДАЧИ МОДЕРНА НА СЕВЕРНОМ ПОБЕРЕЖЬЕ ФИНСКОГО ЗАЛИВА

Click on the photos to see them full size.

Kurort, Gor'kogo 20

Kurort, Kliachko's dacha

Kurort, Vajevskaya's dacha



Lisii Nos




The two photos below are show the buildings that cannot be classified as suburban given the modern boudaries of St. Petersburg. These buildings are located on Kamennyi Ostrov. But at the time of their construction - a cantury ago - Kamennyi Ostrov was a somewhat suburban place. Still, they are brick buildings, which is in a sharp contrast with other truly suburban wooden buildings.

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