You play a game with the computer. You call a number, then the computer calls a number and so on. Every selected number is higher than the previously selected number by 1 through 10. The game starts from 0. Whoever calls 100 wins.

In order to beat the computer in this game, you have to develop a winning strategy. And such strategy does exist. Remember: one incorrect move of yours and the computer wins because it is not going to make any mistakes.


Select the value you want to add to the current number:

Once yo made a selection, the current number will be updated by adding the value you selected. The updated number will appear suurounded by * in the upper box for three seconds. After that the computer will make its selection, and the number will be updated again.

The idea of this puzzle is from the book 'The Moscow Puzzles' by Boris Kordemsky. Dover Publications, New York.

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