You have a balance scale

/\          |          /\
/  \         |         /  \
/    \        |        /    \
/      \       |       /      \
--------      |      --------

and balls, one of which weights more than the rest. All the remaining balls have the same weight. By weighting balls, try to find the heavier ball in a minimal number of weightings. Since the balance scale does not give you any weight numbers, the only meaningful procedure is to put the same number of balls on each pan and check if the weight of all balls on the left pan is more, less, or same as the weight of all balls on the right pan. You choose the number of balls for which you will be solving this problem. The more balls you choose, the more difficult it will be to solve the problem.

Select the total number of balls.

Select how many balls you want to put on each pan of the balance scale:

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