New Hampshire Skiing Quiz


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NH ski resort named as a nearby lake   1. Nastar
2. Bretton Woods
3. Cranmore
4. Tramway
5. Ciao
6. Ragged
7. Mogul
8. Wildcat
9. Schneider
10. Miller
11. Tuckerman
12. Adams
13. Kancamagus
14. Tecumseh
15. Pizza
16. Parabolic
17. Sunapee
18. Pole
19. Quadzilla
20. Cannon
21. Snowcat
NH ski resort that used to have a funicular ski lift
NH ski resort that has a 6-passenger ski lift
Beginner skiing technique named after food
Piece of skiing gear not used by the youngest skiers
NH ski lift type having the biggest capacity
Grooming machine
Austrian and NH skiing celebrity
US recreational racing program
2004 World Cup giant slalom winner
NH biggest ski resort
NH ski resort with the biggest vertical drop
NH detachable lift named as a nearby highway
NH detachable lift named somewhat similar
to a classical movie monster
Another term for shaped skis
The mountain hosting Waterville Valley ski resort
Ski run feature
Lodge at a NH ski resort named after a governor
Favorite ravine among NH extreme skiers
Italian word naming a run at Waterville Valley
NH ski resort whose name and many trail names
are from the same group of biological species

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