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This tour is made from Madrid by the AVE and Talgo200 high-speed trains. The AVE speed is up to 250 km/h. The Talgo200 speed is up to 200 km/h. One can buy tickets for these train online from RailEurope. I also called them and found out that the internet prices are lower.

Bullfight tickets are available online too: Ticketstoros.com Since there were a significant number of unsold tickets for the performance we attended, they even upgraded our seats from the 17-th to the 3-rd row!

What is not photographed here is the outstanding flamenco performance at Corral De La Moreria we saw during our tour. It was by Cuadro Flamenco, Angela Espana, Juan Carlos del Pozo. Corral De La Moreria's own Cuadro Flamenco is a group of guitar players, cantaores singers, and dancers. Their performance was excellent and a guest performance by Angela Espana and Juan Carlos del Pozo was extraodinary. One can book seats at Corral De La Moreria by email - just check their web site to find out how.

We were not able to make one planned trip - to Granada from Costa del Sol - because no organized tours to Granada are run on Saturdays and Sundays from Costa del Sol. Be aware of this. We were explained by our hotel staff that tickets to Alhambra are not sold on-site. They can only be purchased at certain outlets or over the phone. And the tickets may be sold out well in advance. That is what happened to us, and therefrom an individual tour without visiting Alhambra did not seem worthy.



Technically speaking, this is not Madrid. It is El Escorial located about 20 miles from the city.

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