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**   ! Two squares Remove eight sticks from a given figure so that the remaining sticks compose two squares that do not touch each other
* Cube Find out which colors will be on opposite faces of a cube whose faces are shown unfolded
***   ! Eight Queens Place eight queens on a chessboard so that no queen attacks another
*    Fair Share Help divide barrels so that everyone gets an equal share
**   N Summed Numbers Find three numbers by given sums for some of their pairs
**   ! Cannibals and Missionaries Help missionaries to cross a river with cannabals. Beware: one wrong move and missionaries will be eaten.
*   N Four Diamonds
-simple version-
Restore a four-diamond figure scrambled by a computer
***   !   N Four Diamonds
-difficult version-
Restore a four-diamond figure scrambled by a computer
** Number pattern Discover a pattern and find a missing number
**   !   N 8-Puzzle
(with acceleration)
Arrange 3*3 tiles in correct positions (also known as 'sliding-tile puzzle')
**   ! Wolf, Goat, and Cabbage Old Russian Puzzle: You have to carry a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage across a river.
* Letter pattern Discover a pattern and find missing letters
**   V   N Balance Scale Find one heavier ball by weighting balls on a balance scale.
**   ! Car Journey Figure out how to make a trip when the tank of your car is not big enough
**    Fort Knox Jumping Frogs Make four piles of two by jumping over two neighbors
*** Digits 1 through 9 Find how digits one through nine can be placed in boxes so that a given equation is satisfied
**   V Box Placement Place boxes by walls in a room so that equal number of boxes are located by each wall.
* Three numbers Find three different numbers whose sum equals to their product
***   !   V Gunport Problem Arrange dominos on a board so that none can slide and leave as many holes as you can.
** Distinct Characters Place characters on 4*4 board so that they do not repeat in any row, column, or main diagonal.
**   N Reach 100 You play with the computer by calling higher numbers. Whoever calls 100 wins.
* Moving Checkers Sort checkers by color in a minimal number of moves.
** Mobius Strip Imagine what happens when you cut a Mobius strip lengthwise.

* - easier         ** - more difficult         *** - most difficult
! - cool
N - new problem is generated each time its page is reloaded or variations occur
V - you select a variant of the problem (some variants may be simpler than the difficulty level shown)


These online puzzles are beter exercised with Internet Explorer v.5 (or higher) or Firefox v.2 (or higher). See comments about browser compatability given on individual puzzle pages.

                                                                                                  ?     ?  
                                                                                      ?     ?     ?        
                                                                          ?     ?     ?     ?              
                                                              ?     ?     ?     ?     ?                    
                                                  ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?                          
                                      ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?                                
                          ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?                                      
              ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?                                            
  ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?     ?                                                  


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